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The Austin Area Beekeepers Association provides area beekeepers with the opportunity to share information with other small-scale, sideliner, and commercial beekeepers. The AABA promotes the benefits of bees and beekeeping for the local community whether you are involved in backyard gardening or large-scale agricultural operations.

As a member of our club, you will have access to our mentoring program, our club extracting equipment, and access to borrow books from our growing library of honey bee books. Review our club by-laws here: Austin Area Beekeepers By-Laws
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Club Objectives
We are a social group of people who are interested in getting together to chat about honey bees, share information, books and ideas on the subject and cooperatively manage our honey bee colonies.

Currently the Varroa Destructor Mite and other diseases threaten our honey bee population. We need to discover more about how we can help them and make sure they are here to pollinate the flowers and fruits of future generations.

While there is limited consensus about the diseases and treatments, most experts agree on one important thing – if more colonies are established and maintained according to best practices then there will be more honey bees!

Throughout the world, people in urban area are cultivating bees using shared resources to build up bee populations, enhance public education and to cultivate their own communities – not to mention producing their own honey. We’re looking for experienced beekeepers, wannabe beekeepers, or anyone just interested in meeting others who are interested in honey bees, bee products, or native pollinators.